The “Madonna di Ognina” feast is celebrated every year during the week including the 8th of September, nativity day of Maria.Several the religious and folkloric events more typical and significant.

The Triduum preparing for the “Svelata” (Unveiled). During the evening Mass of 5th6th and 7th of September the priests focus on topics of Christian life in their prayers and considerations. The interpreted word of God and the recalled example of Virgin Mary are a guiding light for the path of believers along the streets of contemporary world. This year the theme of triduum is: “Everybody is called to live holiness in everyday’s life with Mary”.

The Wake of Wait.The evening of September the 7th, eve of the “Svelata” a very special moment of Marian spirituality made of prayers, songs and considerations regarding the “Nativity of Maria” takes place by the sea, in the square and into the sanctuary. The wait for the imminent “birth” of Maria feeds the hope of being welcome, loved and understood by God.

The Svelata. At 8:00 o’clock of September 8, liturgical day of the birth of the Virgin Mary, the venerated statue of the “BeddaMatri di Ognina” (The beautiful mother of Ognina) appears crowned and enlightened in the major altar. The sanctuary is full of men and women, children and young people, old people and adults, who try from every corner to catch the moment they will be able to see the eyes of Virgin Mary. Everybody is enchanted as this holy image, that  seems to  embrace in her wounded heart all the pain of her people, the hope and  the dreams of the world, is slowly raised. Silence is mixed with hymn exalting Mary, bitterness dissolves in tears,  memories of childhood emerge and bring back primitive memories, eternally loved faces, sensations never worn by the time. Fireworks mix with the solemn ringing of the bells collecting people. Then again silence in the temple and Mary, who carries in her arms the son of God, seems to suggest us to trust in Him, because He’s the only savior of the world. With the “Svelata” Mary welcome us to the Eucharistic table where people can feed themselves of The Word, The Body and blood of her son Jesus. This is the beginning of the mass, the beginning of the feast.

Consecration of families. During the Sunday following the day of the “Svelata”, many families are consecrated to the Madonna and entrust their children to her by offering flowers. Families are united again as in the day of Easter, they forget offenses, arguments, misunderstanding and find themselves peacefully together with their Holy Mother.

The Blue Fish Festival. A big table is prepared in Ognina Square where people have the possibility to taste the fish of our sea during Saturday and Sunday preceding the feast.

Musical and cultural events, shows and voluntary work. Every year the program of the feast is full of several initiatives expressing the joyful, healthy and brotherly sense of the Christian feast and our people folklore.

The Eucharistic concelebration officiated by the archbishop. The holy mass, celebrated in the square, with the participation of civil and military authorities indicates the end of summer and the beginning of a new pastoral and social year. The presence of the archbishop blesses and entrusts the walk of the community to the motherly protection of Mary.

The sea procession. It’s a wonderful expression of faith, culture  and local folklore: people crowded by the seaside of the gulf, the adorned ships and fishing boats, the songs and prayers, everything has a unique and special fashion. The statue of the holy Mary takes place in a small fishing boat which starts the sea procession surrounded by countless ships. From the coast of AciCastello to the Central station of Catania, groups of families and communities welcome the Madonna passing with prayers and songs and receive the blessing of the priests.

The district procession. The holy statue, put in the “Vara”, festooned with flowers and lights walks through the streets of the district and stops in front of the homes of families, people seriously sick and Basic Ecclesiastical Communities. The procession passes through the streets and most popular places in the district, meeting families with lights, balloons and many many flowers, waiting for the Madonna to honor her.

Cu vera Fidi, viva a beddaMatri di Ognina

To the repeatedcry of “Con vera Fede, evviva la bella Madre di Ognina”: ("With truefaith, Hurrah for the beautiful Mother of Ognina")  The Masters of the feast and the crowdgreet the statue of the Madonna during the procession in the sea and and in the district of Ognina. 
It's a greeting enclosing all the power of popular devotion and religiousness of the Ognina people and of those who have been cultivating  the cult of the Holy Virgin of Ognina with great devotion for years.